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FCAHS | Volunteers


The FCAHS has a great need for volunteers! There are so many things that a volunteer can do for the animals. They need to be bathed. walked, petted, socialized, and just plain loved! There are also lots of errands and other tasks that are needed.

Whether you would like to volunteer to work with the animals or to just help with the endless tasks that are always needed, your donation of time and talent will be appreciated by the FCAHS and by the four-footed animals that are in our care.




We need volunteers to help care for and socialize the puppies and adult dogs at the shelter. Each animal benefits from a little extra time with a volunteer who can remove the dog from his pen to be groomed, take a walk, play with a ball, or to just enjoy being petted. All dogs love attention and the dogs at the shelter respond positively to love and care.


Not every dog can be placed at the shelter. Many times it’s a case of just not having enough room to accommodate them all. The gift of time and love is immeasurable to animal that needs a caregiver until he finds his forever home. Puppies and adult dogs are available for the In-Home Foster Program.


From time to time the FCAHS holds special Adopt-a-Thons that help spotlight highly adoptable animals. We do this at various locations around Forrest City and we need help with animal transport, set up, maintenance care and adoption paperwork and interviews. Many animals have been adopted into their forever homes this way. Won’t you help?


The FCAHS needs your help and support in growing and improving our facilities to create the best environment for the animals in our care. Become a part of this network and help ensure that as many animals as possible are adopted into loving, forever homes.


If you're unable to donate your time, please consider making a charitable contribution or "Wish List" items to our organization. 

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