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The Forrest City Area Humane Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All donations go toward the benefit of the animals, helping us to provide daily care for the animals as well as vet services, medications, sterilization costs, sponsoring foster animals, and countless other needs for stray and abandoned animals.


Your support keeps the shelter doors open – it helps to put food in the bowls, and provides an environment that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.




All donations to the FCAHS are tax deductible. Monetary donations enable us to continue with programs that help provide medicines, vaccinations, vet care, sterilization, food, shelter improvements, education & special circumstances. 

You can also donate to our organization in the following ways:

  • MEMORIALS. Make a donation in memory of a special person or animal that enriched your life or the life of a loved one.

  • HONORARIUMS. Give in honor of someone special in your life. 

  • GIFTS. The best gift is one that keeps on giving. Give to the FCAHS for a truly special birthday, anniversary or holiday gift to your friends & family.

Please make your check payable to "FCAHS" and mail to P.O. BOX 2091 FORREST CITY, AR 72336. 


Many supplies are needed to care for our animals. The members and volunteers work very hard to make sure that each animal has water, food, exercise, and the attention that they require but supplies often run low very quickly.


You may find that many of the items on our list are tucked away in your storage rooms or pushed into the back of your closets. As you begin to do your spring cleaning please remember the animals!


There are never too many hands to help! Reasons to join the FCAHS:

  • SELFLESSNESS.Think of all the good you can do. Even just a few minutes a week of your time can make the difference in whether a dog will find his forever home.

  • EXERCISE. It’s hard to be a couch potato at the Shelter! Dog walking, grooming, feeding, and playing. Just think of all of those calories you can burn!

  • FRIENDS. Dog people are a social group! When one of members places a dog in a loving, adoptive home we all share in the success.

  • WAGGING & LICKING. There is nothing like it! Just think of being greeted by all of those eager, happy tails and tongues directed right at you!

  • DOG HAIR. You can spot us anywhere! There’s no mistaking a volunteer with the FCAHS! We’re the ones who proudly wear this (furry) badge of honor!

  • STORIES TO TELL. The dogs at the Shelter are always so full of life and personality. We’re constantly amazed at their diverse personalities and their antics for attention! You’ll amaze your friends!

  • BE A HERO. Just think. By joining the FCAHS you can join the ranks of Superman, Batman, & The Hulk! You can be a doggie super hero!

If you would like to join us please open the form below, fill it out with your membership preference, print and mail it to us along with a check made out to the Forrest City Area Humane Society. Your kindness and support will help so many!

FCAHS | Donors


A special thanks to the following donors for their generous gifts to the FCAHS:

  • ​Mary Gregg Loeb Animals Welfare Endowment

  • Ashley Stevens Gilbert & "GiGi" Gilbert

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